"Let your work become your play"

Medals, Trophies & Awards

Jozi Games is here to make sure every employee participating contributes towards the end goal for you and your company. A weekend full of winners! A similar concept to those who take part in the Olympic Games. Employees/Athletes will be competing for individual medals and points for their Company. The company with the highest points tally over the 3 days will be crowned Jozi Games 2017 Champions.

Game Points

Games Points are allocated to the Top 4 finishers in each event.

Participants will receive points for their respective companies as follows – 100 Points for finishing 1st place and 25 Points for finishing 4th.


Medals are won by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each event to recognise personal achievement.


The winner of each sporting code will receive a trophy to take back to their company and showcase to their customers and clients.

Sport Championship Awards

The athlete who finishes first in an individual event will receive a Floating Trophy during awards ceremony as well as an individual trophy to take home. The winners name will go on the Float Trophy with their name engraved onto the plaque. The team who finishes first will receive a float trophy with their company name engraved on the plaque. They will then also receive individual trophies for achieve winning player.

The Jozi Games Trophy Award

The Top Medallist Award will be a floating Trophy that will be awarded to the company who has won the most points in their respective sporting codes over the course of the weekend. The company will get there name engraved onto the plaque.

The Jozi Games Participation Award

The DSP gratitude award is presented to the company entering the most participants. It recognises the achievement of a committed company whose management and staff have responded to the challenge of sport, fitness and morale in the workplace. This reflects the effort they have put into making their business improve in all areas of their company.

All awards will be handed out at our cocktail party taking place at the main clubhouse after the final of the soccer. This will start at 6pm with the awards ceremony starting at 7pm.

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