"Let your work become your play"


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Encourage companies to support their employees’ pursuit of
  • Healthier and more active lifestyle
  • Improved team spirit
  • Sense of belonging
through participation in the JCG.

Benefits for the organisation

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Promotes and encourages the current corporate culture of
  • Unity and pride
  • Team spirit
  • Confidence and loyalty
  • Improve communication
  • Business networking
  • Integrates all levels of employees

Benefits for employees

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  • Participate in their chosen sport with workmates and friends
  • Represent your company in the sport you love
  • Mingle with athletes from around Gauteng
  • Network with potential new customers/colleagues
  • Enjoy the fitness and well-being that comes from being physically active
  • Chance to show off your talents outside of the office (Leadership, Skills etc.)
  • Compete for medals and awards and bragging rights

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